“When I hear the question “What will we replace National Standards with?”, it makes me professionally very, very sad”, said Pat Newman President Te Tai Tokerau Principals Association.

“Sad for my profession. Sad for the children involved and above all sad for the person uttering and believing such statements.”

“Surely one only replaces something because it has value, because it was of use and above all else, because there is a need for it. National Standards was none of these, in fact the total opposite, so why would one want to, or need to replace it”, stated Mr Newman.

“New Zealand has already a worldwide recognised document, called the National Curriculum. A superb document written after much discussion and consultation.

It was applauded by teachers, by parents, by principals and even ERO when it was released!  Confining National Standards to the bin marked ‘just another failed political educational experiment’ allows us to ensure the National Curriculum is allowed to be the guiding document for education in New Zealand. We don’t need a replacement. It is already here!”

Mr Newman said,” I was very sad when I heard a colleague stating on TV that she didn’t know what to do in her school, because the Ministry had not told her what to do to replace the Standards. All I can say is as a principal, as the professional leader, I don’t want to be, and don’t need to be, told by any Ministry or Minister what to do professionally in my school.”

I know this is the case in 99% of schools


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