“Nutters resurrected at the Ministry of Education! says Te Tai Tokerau Principals’ Association President, Pat Newman.

He said, “The latest kite being flown from Wellington re NCEA and Year 7& 8 children shows clearly that these people not only know zero about how children learn and what is important in learning, but worse still, they have not learnt from the National Standards debacle!”

” If the three Ministers really understand educational pedagogy, really understand how children truly learn, understand what is important in children’s learning, then they need to bury this cuckoo idea immediately, today and not a day longer.”

“I’m really tired, as are my colleagues, of having to put up with stupid idea after stupid idea emanating from Wellington… On the salaries they earn, you would expect them to have at least a little bit of educational knowledge! As well, one should expect that those who work with children on a daily basis, would be consulted prior. Its almost like someone wakes up one day and has a bright idea!!” he said.

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Pat Newman